We’ve heard a lot of similar questions, asked by our customers over all those years… While it would prove difficult to list all of them here, we’ve thrown in the most popular ones.
Difference between Floor Registers and Air Return Grills/Grates?

Floor registers are mostly used for floor applications and comes with attached steel dampers/lovers at the back, which controls incoming air flow in the room through duct and holds them in place.
Just drop it in and it sits properly. These dampers can be removed easily (if required) with removing the small screws attached to the dampers. Holes can be drilled if required on order.

Air Return Grills are mostly used for wall applications and comes with pre drilled holes and matching screws for installing into walls and are ready for mounting. No dampers are attached to Air Return grills.

Difference and advantage between Cast Iron and Cast Aluminum?
How long it take to ship order and when we can receive the order and how much will it cost ?
How to measure size?
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