We’ve heard a lot of similar questions, asked by our customers over all those years… While it would prove difficult to list all of them here, we’ve thrown in the most popular ones.
Difference between Floor Registers and Air Return Grills/Grates?

Floor registers are mostly used for floor applications and comes with attached steel dampers/lovers at the back, which controls incoming air flow in the room through duct and holds them in place.
Just drop it in and it sits properly. These dampers can be removed easily (if required) with removing the small screws attached to the dampers. Holes can be drilled if required on order.

Air Return Grills are mostly used for wall applications and comes with pre drilled holes and matching screws for installing into walls and are ready for mounting. No dampers are attached to Air Return grills.

Difference and advantage between Cast Iron and Cast Aluminum?

Cast Iron Floor Registers are most often used on the floors and are durable, heavy duty and normally for heavy traffic area and walk on. This is the best material in durability and strength for floors.

Cast aluminum Grills are most often used for walls or ceiling, as they are lighter in weight and are easier to paint to match walls or ceiling.

How long it take to ship order and when we can receive the order and how much will it cost ?

Mostly, all in stock orders are shipped within 48 hours, any out of stock, back order or custom made items usually takes 4 to 6 weeks lead time to ship. Mostly we ship orders by economy ground transport courier, which takes 3 to 10 business days to reach your locations depending on your locations/area. For special service please contact us.

The shipping charges are calculated at the time of check out and can be found under shipping charges on our website.

How to measure size?

Before you purchase, be sure to measure the proper size of the opening of duct.

First, If possible, remove out the existing register or grille.

Correct register or grille sizing is achieved by measuring the actual opening in the floor, wall or ceiling.

The width is always expressed first, followed by the length.

If the rough opening measures 4 inches wide by 10 inches length, the correct size piece to order would be a 4″x 10″. floor register.

The actual register or grille’s interior dimensions will be slightly smaller, so the piece’s frame and damper assembly fit into the recessed opening. . Most floor register dampers will drop into the hole about 1 inch or so, so make sure you have enough clearance in your duct work for this.

The actual register or grille’s outer dimensions, or face plate ,will be larger. This will ensure the flange will fit flush on the finished surface and will completely cover the rough opening. Floor registers mostly have air coming out of it ( cold air or warm air) and will have a damper at back to control the airflow. The damper would drop into the hole/opening in your floor, and have a movable plate for regulating the airflow.

Mostly Grill outer face plate will house the various countersunk screw holes to securely attach the grille to the wall with matching screws.

1. If you are unable to remove the existing register or grille, you will need to measure the outside of the existing piece. If this is the case, call us for assistance.

2. We can custom create registers and grill to fit any size opening. just let us know the opening size and we’ll take it from there.